Professional Wedding Cars Perth

It’s your special day so go out there and make beautiful memories to last a lifetime! Let us handle the small details of transport and travel. As an accredited and recognized transport company, Luxe Charters provides special chauffeur and wedding car services.

Why you should hire us to chauffeur your wedding

Best Investment of Your Time

As the organizer, you have a million things that need to be taken care of; ordering flowers, making sure the venue is ready, arranging the dresses and so much more. Additionally, you will have guests arriving from Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and perhaps eve from abroad. During such a special event, you would want to make sure that everything is handled perfectly. This is where you will need to decide where to best invest your time. Looking for wedding car hire perth? Why waste time in organizing and arranging transport for guests and the bridal party when we can do it for you!

The Luxe Style and Experience

Imagine arriving at the venue in a beautiful, sleek wedding limousines Perth. A smartly dressed chauffeur opens the door for you and helps you arrange your dress and step out of the car. Your guests are waiting for you because the Luxe Charters punctual transport service has already made sure that everyone arrives at the venue on time to witness your grand arrival.

With a vast list of available luxury cars to choose from, you get to decide which style you want to display at your wedding. Want to go for a modern look? Luxe Charters will assign you the most modern and latest cars to create your unique style.

Special Services

Understanding that a wedding is about perfection in all things, Luxe Charters offers special services for its guests which include:

  • Airport transport service for guests
  • Transport for the bridal party
  • Special transport for the bride and groom
  • In car refreshments (water, mints) to help soothe your nerves
  • A specially trained, local  driver who values the importance of punctuality and politeness during such important events
  • Special reservations for honeymoon transport for the bride and groom

Stop worrying about the small details and enjoy your wedding the way it was meant to be while Luxe Charters takes care of all the wedding transport. Give us a call for a tailored quote and let your wedding be the best anyone has ever been to.


Luxe Charters' experienced and friendly team is available 24 hours a day.