Qualities Of A Good Chauffeur

Qualities Of A Good Chauffeur - Qualities Of A Good Chauffeur

A chauffeur is so much more than just a driver to his or her passengers. When a chauffeur-driven car is hired, there are lots of expectations that need to be met. Here are some qualities of a good chauffeur.

Impeccable Etiquette

Qualities Of A Good Chauffeur 1 - Qualities Of A Good Chauffeur

One of the very qualities of a good chauffeur is the ability to dress to impress, whether in a suit or a uniform. The dress sense of a  chauffeur has to complement the luxurious appearance of the car they are driving. They must adhere to instructions from their passengers and respect the privacy of passengers.

This impeccable level of etiquette delivers the comfortable, luxurious, hassle-free experience expected by passengers travelling in a chauffeur-driven car.

Excellent Navigational Ability

Qualities Of A Good Chauffeur 2 - Qualities Of A Good Chauffeur

A chauffeur needs to be very familiar with the area in which they are driving and not just reliant on a satellite navigation system. Getting to their passengers’ destination as soon as possible is a priority.

A good chauffeur must be updated with roadworks, weather and traffic reports of their route and act as advisers to their passengers when necessary. They should know their route like the back of their hands, offering guides on the location of important amenities that their passengers may need along the way.

Good Knowledge Of Vehicle Maintenance

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It is the responsibility of the chauffeur to ensure that the vehicle is in good working condition at all times.

A good chauffeur should know how to carry out basic mechanical works in a vehicle like fixing a flat tyre, breakdown, or locking system malfunction. These emergencies can cause a major disruption to a passenger’s trip and completely deter from the seamless service that the passenger expects.

Always Keep Driving Laws

A good chauffeur must abide by road safety laws at all times. He or she must not be involved in illegal activities such as drugs, weapons, underage alcohol requests and so on. All legal driving requirements must be up to date in terms of insurance, vehicle taxation, testing, licencing and so on.

These are very important qualities that a chauffeur must possess to make a lasting impression on his or her passengers.